Sleepingdust Corporate Presentation 28th May, 2013 @ Maharaja Regency Ludhiana
Our Values
The remains of your dreams for you to catch 'Sleepingdust'.


Raat Ayee Tutte Tare Umbron

Sleepingdust presents 'Raat Ayee Tutte Tare Umbron', a contemporary collection of folk melodies.

Punjabi music Album releasing soon.  


Talent Hunt

We are looking for media enthusiasts who believe they can make an impact if given the right opportunity. You think yourself as one of those? don't hesitate and contact us straightaway.

What do we offer?

Our Values

New dimension to mass communication -we are not bounded by any specific medium. Our goal is to reach masses using the appropriate medium.

Preventing the talent from going into sleep and awaking the sleeping talent - We believe in teamwork, and trust there is enormous talent who could reach their audience if given a team and a platform. We are the Team and Platform to them.

Establish an approachable, friendly business model which is, by the talent, to the talent, protect the innocence & creativity of the talent and yet generate shareholder's value.


Sleepingdust: "what? Dust sleeping?", "No." The word has more dimensions than meets the eye. 

Sleepingdust: The remains of your dreams for you to catch. 

Sleepingdust: The Nebula that gives birth to new stars.

Sleepingdust: We aim to help you seize your dream no matter how big or small.

Mass Communication

Sleepingdust yearns to explore many languages, genre and cultures through producing Film, Music, TV and Radio programmes. To Sleepingdust, the concept of producing means incorporating many talents and creating work that is rich in culture, fresh ideas and meaningful messages. We will begin our journey with a Punjabi music album (Raat Aayee Tutte Taare Umbron).

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